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Fear of the Unknown

Remember that “Touch and Tell” game as a kid where you had to stick your hand in a bowl full of mysterious slimy stuff and guess what it was? Or maybe right now you’re taking a break from surfing Pinterest in hopes of finding something more creative than spaghetti brains and Jello guts at this year’s neighborhood Halloween block party. 


Touching those things, not knowing what they are, is a little terrifying..especially when you’re young and completely gullible to believing that your hand is actually touching insides. But once the mystery is revealed, it’s no longer scary knowing that you’re just sticking your hand in a bowl of slimy spaghetti…maybe it just makes you want to play with slimy spaghetti every time that’s what’s for dinner.

It’s easy to be scared of something when you don’t know all the facts. With the internet at our fingertips, and resources that seem overwhelmingly endless, that shouldn’t be the case with organ donation. Then again, no one’s top priority is researching something that usually involves death as a prerequisite…although, there are opportunities to be a living donor.

Organ Donation: Get the Facts

Myths about organ donation can make signing up a frightening decision, but filling up on some facts (in place of some of that Halloween candy) will likely help alleviate the fear (and a potential sugar crash). The only thing that’s frightening about organ donation, is the number of people dying from not receiving a life saving transplant. On average, 18 people die everyday (over 6,500 a year) and over 120,000 names are on the US waiting list alone-that is frightening!

Don’t be afraid to talk about organ donation!  While it may seem like a “scary” topic at first, it’s really one about life. Visit our Helpful Resources page where you can find helpful facts and information that will help make sharing your decision to donate a positive discussion with family and friends.


This Halloween: Be a Lifesaver

What will you be this Halloween? Being a lifesaver is easy, registration takes about 90 seconds and there is no costume required. Unless of course you waited on the creative costume idea and now want to assemble a DIY Lifesaver for the party on Thursday…you can probably find inflatable pool rings somewhere.

Think you’re already a donor? Check your registration and make sure! We’ve met many people who thought they were (it was even on their license!), but actually weren’t…now that’s scary!




Register to be an Organ Donor: http://taylorsgift.org/register/
Helpful Resources: http://taylorsgift.org/taylorsplace/resource/
Being a Living Donor: http://www.transplantliving.org/living-donation/being-a-living-donor/
Organ Donation: http://donatelife.net/understanding-donation/organ-donation
Organ Donation: Don’t let these myths confuse you: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/organ-donation/FL00077

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