Dina Schulz is the President of the media company, The Kid’s Doctor. She serves as a board member for Taylor’s Gift Foundation and generously gives her time as Senior Media Advisor.

Written By Dina Schulz, The Kid’s Doctor 

To the staff at The Kid’s Doctor, this is the season for giving and sharing…germs that is. Colds, coughs, viruses, and flu are among the most shared illnesses this time of year.

That’s the professional side of us talking. The personal side loves the wonderment of the holiday season, the glow of lights, the many blessings, and the time to make memories. This is a reflective time of year often filled with recalling the past and planning the future.

Holding on to Hope

No one knows what the future holds but we know hope is always part of the equation. For so many who have loved ones that are sick, hope is what they hang their hats on. Medication, therapy, spiritual outreach may be necessary to assist a loved one in feeling better or overcoming an illness but add hope to the mix and anything seems possible.

Our friends Todd and Tara Storch carefully planned a family vacation with their 3 children while sitting around the kitchen table during the holiday season. They knew it would be exciting to have the entire family head to the mountains of Colorado during spring break for some family fun, togetherness, thrills and memory making.

Their thrills turned to tears when their daughter died following a skiing accident. Todd and Tara were told their daughter Taylor would be a wonderful organ donor candidate and were asked if they would donate Taylor’s organs. Without hesitation, and holding on to hope, they said yes because they knew their daughter would have wanted it that way.

The Hope of Organ Donation 

Through the hope of organ donation, Taylor enriched and saved the lives of strangers when her parents said yes…giving her heart to a mom of 2 who could not muster up the strength to make breakfast for her young sons, giving her cornea enabling sight to a legally blind young girl, giving her pancreas and kidney to a grandfather too weak to hold his own grandchild, giving her kidney to a young man bound by the tubes of a dialysis machine. Once strangers, individuals are now extended family members to the Storches. They all will celebrate the season and will always count among their blessings the gift of life.

Organ donation was not part of the conversation around the Storches kitchen table when they planned their family ski trip. Truth be told: it can be uncomfortable to talk about organ donation because one must then face his or her mortality. But in the season of giving, organ donation is the ultimate gift…the gift of hope and life.

Take a Moment to Offer Hope

Each member of our staff has been touched by organ donation; as a donor family as well as recipient family. We know first hand organ donation saves lives. We ask that you take a moment to reflect on your many blessings and celebrate! We also would ask that you would give it some thought to becoming an organ donor, to offer hope. As parents our legacy is our children. As organ donors, the legacy is the ability to Outlive Yourself.

Wishing you the peace and joy this holiday season. Be healthy, be happy, be loved and be blessed this holiday season from the parenting team at The Kid’s Doctor.

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Reflect on Hope and Register Today 

Did you know that somewhere around the world, someone is receiving the gift of life because another made the decision to give it? Take some time to reflect and consider registering. Visit TaylorsGift.org/Register to sign up to be an organ donor and while spending time with loved ones this holiday seson, be sure to talk about the gift of life. Outlive Yourself.

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