Written by Todd Storch, Founder and President

10/1 Update:  the 2012 National Winners

This weekend in San Diego was the 4th annual CLASSY Awards.  Of 2,400 total Nominees, our foundation was selected as the South Region’s “Best New Charity” and we were invited to the Awards Weekend.  I attended the weekend with my wife and co-founder, Tara.

On Saturday evening, Taylor’s Gift Foundation was named “Best New Charity” and this came at a complete surprise.  In our category, there were 3 other amazing Regional new charities:

 It was truly humbling to be chosen among this caliber of organizations in the US.

 The CLASSY awards is the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country, celebrating the greatest charitable achievements by nonprofit organizations, socially conscious business, and individuals worldwide.  

This weekend was totally inspirational….There were so many wonderful moments, it is hard to write them all down!

Here’s a few highlights:

From Friday’s CLASSY Collaborative:

Collaborative Agenda

  • the New Children’s Museum is an awesome location (does need more fans on a hot day for air flow!)
  • meeting founders Troy and Mareike Yocum from Active Heroes.  Love their passion!
  • every volunteer genuinely seemed happy to be there working
  • wish I could bottle up the energy of Back to the Roots co-founder, Alejandro Velez!
  • when the A/V breaks down during a presentation…don’t worry, its all about the story and connecting with the audience.  Scot, you did a great job!
  • thank God there are great people like Jake Wood of Team Rubicon helping our military veterans!

From CLASSY Awards Ceremony:

Stage from our seats

  • this place was packed!!
  • overwhelming to be surrounded by so many people working so hard to help others
  • the line of the night was from emcee Adam Braun, when he said “it doesn’t truly describe the work this room is accomplishing by saying we work for a ‘non-profit’ organization.  I’d like to see ‘non-profit’ changed to ‘for purpose’.  So amazing to be surrounded by this many ‘for purpose’ organizations and people!
  • had so many meaningful conversations and was especially excited to connect with Adam Garone, CEO and co-founder of Movember

I’ve been to many conferences and different award ceremonies before, but nothing has compared to this experience.  Surrounded by so many “for purpose” people, organizations, ideas, volunteers and causes is absolutely awe inspiring.

We are honored and humbled to be named “Best New Charity” and will use this opportunity to expand our efforts, reach and specific Taylor’s Place programs.

The work and success of Taylor’s Gift Foundation has just begun!


Founders Tara and Todd Storch



Here’s the video that kickstarted and ended the Classy Awards.  Very moving!  See if you spot a cameo of Taylor!

4th Annual CLASSY Awards – Impact Video from StayClassy on Vimeo.


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