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From Todd Storch, Founder : President, Taylor’s Gift Foundation

There are currently over 120,000 people in need of an organ transplant, in the United States alone. If you stop and think about it, you probably know someone that has been touched by organ donation. Do you know of someone in need of a transplant, waiting on a heart, kidney, liver, lung or other vital organ?

Maybe someone you know gave a kidney to a family member… or received one for that matter.

You can probably even think of more than one person that has passed away and given the gift of life by donating their organs.

The subject of organ donation and stories related to it are getting more and more attention and we love that! Organ donation is a great gift to others; a “pay it forward” concept. Or as we like to say, a way to “Outlive Yourself.”

A Hot Topic

If you want to get yourself into a spirited discussion in a group of people, politics and/or religion are a couple of topics that can get you there, quick. Another is the idea of “paying” or reimbursing people for organ donation.

On January 13th, the article entitled, D.C. Considers Organ Donor Tax Credit, ran. Wow! Oh, and there’s that other word that can get people into a spirited discussion… Taxes!

A Complicated Process

Like many things in life, the factors behind the scenes of the organ donor waiting list reveal a very complicated system and a truly amazing network of people, decisions and logistics.

There are multiple factors when it comes to increasing the amount viable organs in the US, and many of them can be more complex than they seem. Just a few that play a part in the process include:

  • the viable organs from deceased donors that are actually available
  • donor consent (official registration by the deceased)
  • organ procurement organization (OPO) help
  • the task of matching donor and recipient
  • organ recovery and transportation logistics
  • the transplant surgery

What You Can Do Today

Learn more by visiting our Helpful Resources page. Register to become an organ donor and talk to your friends and family about your decision. Get involved with our mission to Regift Life, Renew Health, and Restore Families.

Regardless of your thoughts about tax credits for organ donation, one thing is clear… it’s quite simple to register to become an organ donor. You can do it online, right now.

In the amount of time it takes you to watch this video, you could register.

Outlive Yourself.

Register to be an Organ Donor