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From Taylor’s Gift Foundation

It takes a lot of help to get big things accomplished in the world. Making things look simple isn’t nearly as simple as it may seem. Detailed planning, a ton of hard work and great people, most importantly, are all necessary to get things moving in the right direction.

Here at Taylor’s Gift Foundation, it’s no different. Over the last few years, we have been blessed by the generosity of some wonderful people – all incredibly talented and hardworking – and we’d like to take a moment to thank them. These “Special Partners” are a group of incredible businesses who have lovingly shared our passion, selflessly given of themselves and eagerly supported our efforts. They have not only helped Taylor’s Gift accomplish countless goals and achievements, but they continue to lend a helping hand.

Thank you, Special Partners. We feel so blessed to have had your support over these last few years.

Legacy Gift Partners

Designed to provide specific help to those touched by organ donation, and made possible with the help of some incredible partners, our Legacy Gift program is currently able to administer financial help through strategic alliances with organ procurement organizations in both Texas and in New York. Through a 3 year commitment to the “Adopt-a-Family” program with Nora’s Home in Houston, the program is also able to address specific needs facing transplant recipients and their families.


New York Organ Donor Network – Angela Palmieri, Strategic Marketing Manager

“It is always a pleasure working with Taylor’s Gift Foundation and supporting the wonderful work that they do for organ, eye, and tissue donation. The foundation continues to foster increased awareness for the cause and, through initiatives such as the Legacy Gift Program, helps provide new ways for us to serve and support our donor families.”

Nora’s Home – Kayla Lehmann, Executive Director

“It is a great honor to collaborate with Taylor’s Gift Foundation as we provide affordable lodging for pre-transplant and post-transplant patients and their families. Nora’s Home provides lodging, care, education and support for transplant patients in a loving, home-like environment.

nora's home logo

By partnering with Taylor’s Gift,  Nora’s Home will be able to provide more than a place to lay a head. Our goal of collaborating between the hospital transplant departments, organ donations and support groups will ease many of the medical, emotional and financial burdens.”

southwest transplant alliance logo

Southwest Transplant Association – Patti Niles, President & CEO

“Southwest Transplant Alliance and Taylor’s Gift share in their dedication to improving and saving lives through the precious gift of organ and tissue transplantation.

We salute Taylor’s Gift Foundation for their generous support for donor families and enthusiastic efforts to increase organ donor registry here in Texas and beyond.”

Marketing and Event Partners

We are blessed to be working with award winning marketing partners who truly take their work the extra mile. With full service advertising agencies, creative video production, full content media partners, event marketing and highly technical real-time digital placement, we have a diverse and talented pool of creatives. There’s no way to fully say thank you for the services these companies provide.

BFM logo

BFM Creative – Chris Grissom, Director

“BFM Creative exist to help others tell their story, and when we heard the hopeful and compelling story of Taylor’s Gift Foundation, we just couldn’t stay away. It has been a pleasure working with a passionate organization with such a heroic mission.”

Firehouse Agency – Mark Hall, President and Founder

“It is truly a privilege to partner with Taylor’s Gift. It has proven to be a wonderful relationship enabling us to pursue our own purpose of ‘creating ideas that make a difference’. And make a difference they certainly have.

firehouse logo

We have enjoyed working with them on initiatives and help get the word out to an ever-growing audience. And we are thrilled to move forward into the next phases of the life of Taylor’s Gift Foundation, assisting families touched by organ donation in even greater ways through the Legacy Gift program. The gift of life is just part of the story, and the impact of Taylor’s Gift is only beginning to be fully realized.

It is a blessing to support them in every way.”

lambert logo

Lambert Auction Company – Wendy Lambert, Vice President

“As a fundraising professional, it is my personal passion to help non-profits reach their financial goals. These organizations are born and overseen by individuals who love their cause. In my industry there few organizations stir my own personal passion like Taylor’s Gift Foundation. Knowing every dollar we raise helps the process of regifting life sets my heart on fire.  

Teaming up with their mission provides the ultimate heartfelt satisfaction. Knowing we are helping to save lives and comfort those who have given life is an act woven into the fabric of eternity. Being a partner is a connection that most people could only dream of as a part of their workplace.”

Nothing Bundt Cakes – Craig Moore, President

“Being a exclusive gifting brand, we could think of no better organization to partner with than Taylor’s Gift Foundation. Organ Donation is an ultimate gift…and our mission is to support and celebrate the ones who make that happen.”

nothing bundt cakes logo
ppi logo

PPI Marketing – Tommy Finn, Vice President

“Robert Frost said, ‘In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.’ 

At PPI Marketing, like everyone else, we work in the daily business of doing business. To have the opportunity to step outside and spend some of our time, knowledge, experience, and compassion in supporting an organization like Taylor’s Gift Foundation, whose mission it is to make sure ‘life goes on’ is a privilege indeed. We are so thankful for their efforts and to be a small part of that mission.”


“One of our daily principles is: ‘We use technology to turn ordinary meetings into memorable experiences so that the messages last.’

PSAV logo

Helping Taylor’s Gift Foundation relay their message of the importance of organ donation is core to our principles and values.”

RUN logo

Run> - Dan Schwartz, COO

“At RUN, our mission is to passionately empower our partners by arming them with world class ad-buying and analytic tools. We shine light into the dark corners of the ad tech ecosystem by way of the real-time actionable insights we surface, and we pride ourselves on giving back by supporting philanthropic causes that align closely with our core value system.  

Taylor’s Gift Foundation is a splendid example of this and we’re honored to apply the same level of targeted advertising expertise to their campaigns that we do for some of the world’s biggest advertisers. It’s our sincere hope that the insights we derive will better enable this exceptionally worthwhile cause to spread their message of love and life around the world.”

The Kid’s Doctor
 - Dina Conte Schulz, President 

Kids Dr logo

“Every parent needs a partner they can trust when it comes to raising their kids. Each day, The Kid’s Doctor cuts through the clutter of daily parenting headlines to provide moms and dads with award-winning advice on how to raise healthy, resilient kids. As parents, our legacy is our children. As an organ donor, your legacy is the ability to Outlive Yourself. We support Taylor’s Gift as they strive to make families healthy and whole again. We embrace Taylor’s Gift pursuit of improved quality of life through organ donation and leadership focus on changing the conversation about organ donation…it’s about life.”


Youth Sports Today – Tresha Glowacki, President & CEO

“Our mission at Youth Sports Today is to help kids PLAY, LEAD & SUCCEED. In doing so, we embrace the entire family, which is an extraordinary line of communication to support our friends at Taylor’s Gift Foundation.

We encourage everyone to ‘start the conversation’ and make organ donation a positive discussion.”

Strategic Development Partners

Getting out of the weeds and focusing on the big picture is vital. These companies help us stay focused on what is most important to achieve our Mission’s objectives.

The Center for Sales Strategy
– Jim Hopes, CEO 

CSS logo

“We work hard to support those organizations that change people’s lives in a big way. Taylor’s Gift certainly does that, and with a conviction that we see matched in very few places.

It’s both a thrill and privilege to be part of a cause that brings life to others and to work with such committed people.”

vissero logo

Vissero Partners – Mitchell Savage, Managing Director

“In all our endeavors, we work with underserved communities. From Taylor’s Gift, we have learned that the time has come for a long-overdue national dialogue about organ donation. We’re proud to follow the leadership of Taylor’s Gift Foundation and to support this crucial work.”

Technology Partners

Running a successful business, profit or non-profit, takes a deep understanding of technology and leveraging to help scale results. We are so thankful for these companies that help us with this task, day in and day out.


“Our mission is to empower the next generation of philanthropy by working hand-in-hand with the greatest organizations accelerating social progress. Taylor’s Gift exemplifies these qualities and StayClassy is proud to help them achieve their goals in raising funds and awareness for such a worthy cause.”

stay classy logo
upper room logo

UpperRoom – Missy Ivankovich, CEO/CFO

“Our mission at UpperRoom Technologies is to provide outstanding web development services to non-profit and ministry-based organizations like Taylor’s Gift. It has been an honor to serve as Taylor’s Gift’s web design & development team and watch how it has helped to not only save lives, but transform the lives of organ recipients and loved ones of donors.  

To learn more about the services that UpperRoom provides, visit http://www.uroomtech.com/about-us

Wazala – Zeena Bushnaq, Managing Director

“Wazala believes in giving back and supporting smaller organizations like Taylor’s Gift achieve their goals and amplifying their voice. Taylor’s Story touched our hearts and we’re honored to be part of spreading their mission.”

wazala logo

Thank you to all our Special Partners who make the work of Taylor’s Gift possible.

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