Todd and Tara Storch

Todd & Tara Storch

Taylor’s Gift Founders

Presentation Topics

  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Tragedy to Triumph
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Organ Donation Awareness
  • Faith


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About Todd & Tara

In April 2010, after spending years building a family and successful careers, Todd & Tara Storch were faced with the sudden tragedy of losing their oldest daughter, Taylor. Amidst the grief, confusion, and heartache, the couple made the decision to pursue a calling towards something bigger than they could ever imagine. Accepting their God-given mission to promote organ donation awareness, they embraced their life’s purpose and co-founded Taylor’s Gift Foundation, less than a month after the death of their daughter.

After sharing their story on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and other national and international media, countless individuals throughout the world have been touched by their inspiring story of hope, encouragement, and renewed perspective.

In April 2013 their first book, “Taylor’s Gift: A Courageous Story of Giving Life and Renewing Hope” hit the shelves nationally.


2012 CLASSY Awards

Todd & Tara Storch accepting the award for “Best New Charity” at the 2012 CLASSY Awards Ceremony.

Featured Media

About Todd

Todd Storch is husband to Tara and an involved dad who enjoys spending time with his kids. His passionate goal in life is to one day see Taylor in heaven and give her the biggest bear hug ever. In 2010, following the loss of his daughter Taylor, Todd left a successful career in media consulting to pursue his God-given passion to promote organ donation and help others. As co-founder and President of Taylor’s Gift Foundation, Todd works to share the importance of organ donation as he works tirelessly to ensure smooth operations of the foundation. Todd is active in his local community and church. He holds an Accounting degree form Texas A&M University.

Actively speaking to thousands across the country, audiences laugh and cry as he shares his story of faith through grief. Todd works to motivate listeners to embrace the “Outlive Yourself” spirit and share the beauty of being an organ donor.

About Tara

Tara Storch is first and foremost a wife and mom. As co-founder of Taylor’s Gift Foundation, she focuses her efforts on establishing new foundation partnerships and speaking on behalf of the organization. Utilizing her experience as a marketing professional, author and community leader, Tara actively works to make an impact on the world around her. She has owned and managed three home businesses, kept actively involved in her church, and served on the PTO boards of local schools. She holds a Marketing degree from Texas A&M University.

Opening up about her journey of finding hope through grief, she and Todd speak publicly about organ donation awareness in hospitals, churches, schools and various community organizations across the nation.


“Thank you for presenting to our staff. Your presentation hit home with the audience in a very personal and introspective way. Your speech has educated our staff from the donor family perspective on donation, and how they can improve communication with families. Your comments will be remembered for years to come, and you motivated our staff to continue the great work they do! I had several people tell me after that they were inspired, and they also went onto your website. I saw two ladies with Taylor Blue nail polish on too!”

-Alicia A, Donor Family Services Manager – New York Organ Donor Network

“The feedback received from the kids was truly outstanding. I think the biggest impact was the inspiration that they saw and felt from Todd. The presentation was awesome and the chart from “passion to talent” was very insightful to the kids. I think many of the students were amazed by how many people the foundation has touched and how it started very small and has had unbelievable growth and success. I think many of the students were impacted by seeing and feeling the passion of starting something you truly believe in and then using that to make a difference in the lives of others.”

- Susie K, Facilitator – Teen Leadership Coppell

“Todd and Tara provided a truly moving experience for a room full of people (critical care nurses, doctors, organ donation specialists) who had seen parts of their story but never the whole story. Their openness and honesty about what a donor family goes through after they leave the hospital has been eye opening and comforting. Todd and Tara brought such a renewed sense of purpose. It was a great reminder that this is why we do what we do. The Of Course moments are what get people through!”

- Nicole F, Registered Nurse III, CCRN, JPS ICU

“Having Todd and Tara speak to our College about organ donation exceeded our expectations. We are a death denying culture and so for our students to hear a personal story of loss and how organ donation impacted not only the recipients, but also the family…..was powerful! “

- Jennifer B, Professor – Collin College

“I think it was very helpful for the critical care staff to actually hear testimony from a donor family AFTER their organ donation experience. The staff only sees the family during their current state of devastating loss and I think hearing Taylor’s story helped the staff see just how helpful donation can be for the donor family as well as the recipient family.We actually have had ICU staff retelling Taylor’s story to some potential donor families. I think Taylor’s story will help other donor families through their journey and help them to make the decision to give the gift of life.”

- Tasha H, Donation Clinical Specialist – LifeGift

“The presentation exceeded my expectations.  The audience was inspired and motivated to both continue caring for our dialysis patients, as well as encourage personal and professional acquaintances to enroll as organ donors and talk about organ donation with their friends and family.”

- Christina D, Director of Operations - Fresenius Medical

“Inspired, motivated and eager to learn more, several audience members became donors after the presentation and we received several inquiries for more information. I had no idea when I planned the presentation that so many people would reach out to share their own organ donation stories..I was completely overwhelmed by the positive response and felt blessed to have been able to provide a platform for Taylor’s Gift to share their message.”

- Mischell E, American National Bank of Texas

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