By Tara Storch, Taylor’s Mom & Co-founder of Taylor’s Gift 

“Did you know this was coming out in People Magazine?”, “How did that happen?”  ”What was that like?”….are some of the questions we have received.

We wanted to fill you all in and thought a blog post would be the best way.

First, we have to tell you how honored we feel for being featured in this national publication. What a huge blessing for Taylor’s Gift to reach millions of people and introduce the foundation to people who didn’t know about it.

Outlive Yourself!

Here’s the background story…over a year ago, we were contacted by a freelance writer for People Magazine. We did an interview and kept in contact with her but nothing came of it and the story was put on hold. Uh…yea…we were bummed. We thought it may not ever be published.

Fast-forward to summer of 2012:  Todd and I were in NYC and were able to meet for lunch with the Senior Editor of People Magazine. She connected us with a staff writer who reached out to us for an interview. The story was pitched to the editors and quickly approved. Emails started coming in about scheduling a photo shoot and doing another interview. A flutter of activity started and it was getting exciting!

In September, we headed to Arizona to spend some time with Patricia (keeper of Taylor’s heart) and while we were together they set up a photo shoot with one of their photographers. Of course the “what do I wear?” question came up about 100 times between me and Patricia. We changed our minds a lot and ended up still not 100% sure what we were both going to wear.

We went to a studio in downtown Phoenix and when Patricia walked in, it took my breath away. She was wearing the exact same color shirt as Taylor was in picture we brought. Of course!

Patricia and I got fluffed and pampered by hair and make-up people. We felt like celebrities! Todd got some make-up too, although he didn’t enjoy the process nearly like us girls did. Ha!

Patricia - makeup

For 4.5 hours we smiled, changed positions, took breaks because our cheeks were hurting from all the smiling, re-touched makeup and enjoyed every moment of being together. Todd kept the humor and spirits up, as only Todd can do. They took hundreds of photos and we were all curious how they pick just one out of all of them. Even the photographer wasn’t sure which one they would pick, so we all crossed our fingers and realized we had to wait until it hit the stands to find out. We also knew this was a huge opportunity for Taylor’s Gift and tried to soak in the moment.

The photographer was fantastic. He was funny, relaxed, and let us go at our own pace. If you are ever in Arizona and need a photographer, Mark Peterman is someone to reach out to or use his services. He was awesome!

Here are some “behind the scenes” photos of the shoot. What a day!

Towards the end of the day Get closer Laughing Aww...cute!

Thanks for being on this journey with us!


Read the People article here!


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