Taylor’s Gift Scholarship

Five total scholarships were awarded in 2017 to graduating high school seniors. Scholarships are awarded to three graduating high school seniors from around the nation and two graduating seniors who live in Coppell, TX (one from Coppell High School and one from New Tech High at Coppell).

The 2018 scholarship application is currently closed. Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2018 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship presented by the NIKE Global Socks team!

2018 Scholarship Winners
What does "Outlive Yourself" mean to you?

Selflessness. We aren't remembered for what we have but for how we impact the lives of others. Our legacy lives through good deeds and small acts of kindness rather than the size of our house or the price of our car. That is what it truly means to outlive yourself and pass on your legacy for generations.

Gabe WebbGraduated: Elk City High School Attending: Oklahoma State University

When I think about outliving myself I imagine others being able to flourish because of my life's work. I hope to one day have played a key role in bringing an end to poverty and food insecurity, much like Norman Borlaug. Through this work, the people I hope to save would be able to 'Outlive' me and possibly be the world's next Albert Einstein or Vincent Van Gogh.

Hannah HeitGraduated: New Hampton High School Attending: Iowa State University

To "outlive yourself" to me means, simply to enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer. Outliving oneself I believe to be living through the experiences of life, whether they are positive or negative. And after living through an experience and coming out of it as a better person.

Grace SalsidoGraduated: Goleta High School Attending: Azusa Pacific University

To me, outliving yourself means you become more involved in the lives around you instead of just living your own life. We should all attempt to make the lives of the people around us better and leave a lasting impact on every person we meet. By working towards the betterment of others we outlive our life and positively influence others to outlive their lives, eventually helping everyone around the globe. By helping others and outliving yourself you can leave a long-lasting impact that can help millions even after we’re gone.

Matthew DickenGraduated: Coppell High School Attending: Texas A&M University

“Outlive yourself” resonates with me because I strongly believe one should live outside of yourself, your bubble, and your comfort zone; and create positive lasting change in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

Katherine MatamorosGraduated: New Tech High @ Coppell High School Attending: Texas Christian University