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We just couldn’t do it without…Debbie, Gale & Galen Macziewski! This is one incredible family, and we are so blessed to have them on our volunteer team.

Galen, Gale & Debbie Macziewski

Galen, Gale & Debbie Macziewski

The Macziewskis: An Incredible Volunteer Family 

We couldn’t recognize just one member of this great family, we had to recognize all three of them! Ever since the early days of the foundation, Debbie and Gale have selflessly given their time, talent and support to Taylor’s Gift. Their love has blessed us greatly.

For years, the couple has served on every event committee, generously contributing their time and talents to help organize successful foundation events. Additionally, their help with our auctions and prize drawing tables has proven invaluable; everything they touch is always presented so beautifully and professionally. Debbie and Gale have such a heart for Taylor’s Gift and all their behind the scenes work is so appreciated. We don’t know what we would do without them! 

Their son, Galen, has been an incredible volunteer and friend of Taylor for years. No matter what the foundation needs, Galen is there to run errands, deliver items, set up and work at the events. He has a servant heart and has given his time to the foundation in such a selfless way.  Those “little things” have really added up in our book and we really appreciate all of his hard work!  Galen is in his senior year and will be leaving for college soon. We are going to miss him so much, but we are confident that he is going to continue to do great things in the years ahead.

Thank you so much Debbie, Gale and Galen! You are incredibly cherished by all of us at Taylor’s Gift! 

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