From Todd Storch, Founder : President, Taylor’s Gift Foundation

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I opened the email and read.  I wasn’t completely prepared for the next few sentences…

…her father died and became a donor in December 2013. A month later, her mother died unexpectedly. She was left to front the payments for both funerals…

…she has an 11 year old son and she is really struggling to come up with money for rent after paying for [both] funerals and missing a number of days of work to take care of everything…

I reviewed the Legacy Gift application and responded to the Donor Family Services representative: “I will send this to our committee immediately.


There are times that everyone needs help.

Something small.

Something large.

I bet you can remember a time where someone helped you when you needed it most.

A Gift

Our Legacy Gift grant program is currently designed to help donor families from two organ procurement organizations (OPOs) in the US. We’ve supplied rent assistance, mortgage payments, clothing, food, burial costs and household bills for donor families that have faced tough financial times after the loss of a loved one.

Our vision is to provide this program nationally, to all 58 OPO’s in the US.

A Phone Call

This specific Legacy Gift application requested rent assistance for a mother in need. When I called her landlord to let her know we would be sending a check, all I initially heard was silence on the other end of the line.

The next words that I heard were… “You are going to send me money to help a complete stranger in need?

I gave the landlord a quick explanation about our foundation and the Legacy Gift program and confirmed the mailing address to overnight our check to her. She thanked me and as I hung up, I wasn’t completely sure she believed that we would be sending her the check.

I envisioned that this landlord has heard quite a few stories about “the check’s in the mail!”

The next afternoon I missed the phone call from the landlord, but her voicemail conveyed her appreciation. As she hung up, the last words she said were, “Thank you for helping this sweet lady. She really needed it.

Can You Help?

Sometimes the smallest help can make the biggest difference. Thank you to everyone who helps Taylor’s Gift Foundation help others touched by organ donation.

We would appreciate your financial support of our Legacy Gift program. No amount is too small to make a big difference in someone’s life.