Taylor’s Gift Scholarship

Five total scholarships were awarded in 2017 to graduating high school seniors. Scholarships are awarded to three graduating high school seniors from around the nation and two graduating seniors who live in Coppell, TX (one from Coppell High School and one from New Tech High at Coppell).

The 2018 scholarship application is currently closed. Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2018 Taylor’s Gift Scholarship presented by the NIKE Global Socks team!

2017 Scholarship Winners
What does "Outlive Yourself" mean to you?

To me “outlive yourself” means that the impact that you make lasts longer than you do. We all only have a limited time to be here, but the way that we help, influence, and lead other people is timeless. Whether we realize it or not, we have an impact on every single person we interact with.

Adam Coberly Graduated: Coppell High School Attending: Texas A&M University

For me, outliving yourself reflects an understanding that giving back to others will let you have a more fulfilling and impactful life, rather than focusing solely on your personal success. By performing random acts of kindness in order to pay it forward, volunteering with and donating to organizations that help people in need, or simply by being compassionate and having empathy for those around us, we can all infuse some much needed positivity into the world around us.

Caroline MillerGraduated: Carroll Senior High School Attending: Vanderbilt University

Live Third. A friend recently introduced me to this mantra and I think that it is perfectly synonymous with Outlive Yourself. To live third means to put Yourself last, after Jesus and after Others, in order to live a life full of JOY. Outliving Yourself means being brave enough to live this joy-filled life. I believe that both of these phrases encompass what it means to truly live.

Gabriela KeatorGraduated: Miss Hall’s School Attending: St. Louis University

I am honored to receive the Taylor’s Gift Scholarship presented by NIKE. I believe “To Outlive” yourself is having the ability to be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

Lily ZhangGraduated: Staten Island Technical High School Attending: UC Berkeley

Outliving yourself means that you are purposeful in your interactions with others and in your aspirations. By being mindful of your potential to impact the lives of others you can create a legacy of positive change that exists long after you do. This can be something as small as treating others with respect and dignity—your actions have a ripple effect that never ceases to be in motion or to touch lives.

Taylor ClarkGraduated: New Tech High School at Coppell Attending: The University of Texas at Austin